Reflections on Exodus 14-17

God leads the people of Israel into the wilderness, but Pharaoh and his army chase after them.  Consider:

  • God’s powerful deliverance – God creates a way through the sea for the people to walk through, but he crashes the waters down on their enemies.  How has God powerfully brought you through a sea of troubles?
  • Israel’s praise – After they are saved from the Egyptian army, the people of Israel begin to praise him for what he has done.  Do you praise God when he answers your prayers and helps you in difficult times?  Take some time now to praise God for his help in your life.
  • Grumbling – After so many demonstrations of God’s power and help, you would think that the people would go forth trusting God in all things.  Instead they grumble – indicating a lack of trust in God.  They grumble about no food.  They grumble about no water.  Instead of looking to God, they grumble – as if God was impotent or uncaring!  Grumbling is a terrible affront to God’s character.  Do you see this tendency in your own life?  How might you cut off this evil habit?

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