Reflections on Exodus 18-20

God comes down onto the mountain with thunder and lightning, fire and earthquake, to speak to the people.  Observe:

  • God’s authority – God had the right to command the people of Israel.  He created them both individually and as a people.  He redeemed them from bondage.  He is the one true God, and he speaks with absolute authority.  Have you placed yourself under his authority?  Will you submit to God, or are you still trying to do things your way?
  • God’s commands – He gives the people 10 commands that sum up God’s moral expectations.  Throughout the rest of the Scriptures, we see these commands repeated and applied.  Read through them again.  Can you claim to be guiltless?  Can you stand spotless before God?  Remember today how desperately you need a Savior!  And ask God to help you grow in your obedience.
  • Fear the Lord – The people see the smoking mountain and hear God’s voice thunder, and they are justifiably terrified.  Moses tells them not to be afraid (in the sense of being scared), but rather to fear the Lord (in the sense of reverent awe).  Do you have a healthy fear, a reverent awe of Almighty God?

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