Exodus 21-24: Obedience and the Covenant

(21-23) How do these laws relate to the 10 Commandments?

(21-23) Jesus said the sum of the law was loving God and loving people.  How are these laws of love?

(21-23) What do these laws tell us about God?

(21-23) Several of the laws carried the death penalty if broken (21:12-17, 22:18-20).  God is serious about these things!  How would you summarize these laws?

How seriously do you take these things?

(23) What was Israel to do toward the inhabitants as they entered the Promised Land?  Why?

In what ways are the gods of our land a snare to us and our families?  How might we minimize their affect?

(24) How did the people respond to God’s laws?  Describe the process of confirming the covenant.

How does Jesus re-apply this “blood of the covenant” ceremony to Himself and the New Covenant (see Matthew 26:26-28)?  What does this suggest about our celebration of the Lord’s Supper?

What did the elders do when they saw God?  How might this be a picture of the Lord’s Supper?


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