Michigan’s Board of Education wants to allow school-aged students to be able to decide what gender they are. And what bathrooms and locker rooms they can use at their public school.  Regardless of their biological and genetic reality.  With no input from the child’s parents.  Or even the parent’s knowledge. You can find the Board’s memo at the first link below.

Let me be clear that we should treat all people with compassion and respect as image-bearers of God.  But compassion does not encourage confusion. Or oppose the family.  Or put our daughters in danger of predators and peeping toms.

Here are some helpful posts addressing these and other related issues:

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One final thought.  Mike Wittmer suggests in his post above that our culture is caught up in “the classical view that our bodies don’t matter and that the real us is our soul. We couldn’t have such malleable views of gender and sex without a deficient view of the human body.”  Exactly.


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