Reflections on Exodus 35-37

In order to build the tabernacle, Moses needs people to give and people to serve:

  • Giving – The people were asked to bring materials for the tabernacle.  As their hearts moved them, so they should give to this special work of the Lord.  The people were so moved that they gave more than was needed, and had to be restrained from giving more!  Is your heart moved to give to the work of the Lord?  In what ways?  If your heart is not so moved, what does that say about your heart?
  • Serving – Like giving, those whose hearts stirred them were to come to help build the tabernacle.  They needed all kinds of workers to build the frames, craft the furniture, make curtains, create the priestly garments, and construct everything else involved in this gigantic undertaking.  God needs all kinds of people to do all kinds of things in his church today too.  To what service is God stirring your heart?  If your heart is not stirred to serve God, what does that say about your heart?

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