Reflections on Exodus 38-40

The people of Israel finish the tabernacle and God’s presence descends upon it.  Notice:

  • Israel’s obedience – Did you notice the repeated refrain throughout the last two chapters?  Again and again we read that they did everything “as the LORD had commanded Moses.”  They perfectly followed the pattern God gave them for the tabernacle.  Is it your goal to do everything as the Lord has commanded you?  Are you seeking to live out the pattern God has given you for your life as revealed in the Scriptures?  In what ways do you need to closer conform to that pattern?
  • God’s glorious presence – God descends upon the tabernacle.  His glory fills it.  God is dwelling in their midst.  Ponder what it means to be in God’s presence.  How should that affect your life today?
  • God’s guidance – When God’s glory would ascend, the people would set out.  When his glory remained, they remained.  How are you learning to follow God’s guidance in your life?  Right now, do you think you are following, or have you run out in front of him?  Or maybe you are lagging?

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