Reflections on Leviticus 6-10

Our passage continues to describe the offerings – this time with specific instructions for the priests.  Today we will focus on the peace offering, and the actions of the priests.

  • Peace Offering – This offering symbolized peace and fellowship with God.  The family bringing the sacrifice was able to eat much of the meat from the animal offered.  It was a celebration, eating together in the presence of God.  Jesus is our peace offering, making it possible for us to have fellowship with God.  The Lord’s Supper, though not a sacrifice, is a celebration as we eat together in the presence of God.
  • Obedience – In chapters 8-9, God prepares the priests for their ministry in the tabernacle.  The continuing refrain – that they did “as the Lord commanded” – points to their detailed, consistent obedience.  Do you strive to live obediently each day as the Lord commanded?
  • Approaching God – Nadab and Abihu decide to approach God in their own way, and they are killed on the spot!  How many people today try to come to God in their own way and on their own terms!  Yet God has made clear that there is only one way to approach God today – through Jesus Christ (John 14:6).  Is that how you approach God?

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