Churchless Christianity

Tabletalk2016-03Churchless Christianity is wildly unbiblical.  God’s people are called to live in loving and intentional community with one another, and never in isolation.

– Jon D. Payne in TableTalk (March 2016)


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5 Responses to Churchless Christianity

  1. Yet it’s the unfortunate results when Churches get this attitude of “This is the way we are, if you don’t like it, then go somewhere else.”

    • Brian says:

      The church has its share of mistakes, but not being part of a church is not the Biblical answer…

      • There’s a difference between the church (building) and the church (body). Just because my connection to the former is gone it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped being a part of the latter. It’s a good thing though that I don’t care about being a biblical Christian in a biblical church in a biblical country full of biblical bible believers. God doesn’t call us to biblical; it was Jesus who said “follow me.”

      • Brian says:

        Don’t think I am following you. We have to be Biblical because the Bible is God’s Word, and it tells us how to even be a Christian. And in it God also tells us to be part of a local church.

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