Numbers 1-8: Preparation

(1) Preparations must be made for the people to move from Mt. Sinai to the Promised Land.  First, they must get an idea of how many men are available for battle.  How does this census point to the fulfilling of the Abrahamic Covenant?  How would this encourage the people?

How does God prepare and encourage us for our own battles?

(2) The second preparation is to organize the camp.  What is the camp organized around?  What does this suggest for Israel?  For us?  What would this look like in our church?  In our families?

(3-4) The third preparation is to assign duties to the Levites.  How is the way God does this similar and different in the church?

(5) The fourth preparation requires the removal of impurities from the camp so God will go with them.  How does each of the three instructions in this chapter relate to this theme?

How does this theme point to the necessity of church discipline and unity today?

(7) The fifth preparation was to provide the necessary items for the service and transportation of the tabernacle.  How does our giving today prepare for church ministry?

(3, 8) The sixth preparation was to cleanse the Levites, separating them for service to God.  What words or phrases do you find in 8:14-18 and 3:11-13 that point to the Levites’ separation unto God?

We too have been cleansed and belong to God (I Peter 2:9-10, etc.).  What does that mean for our lives?


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