Reflections on Numbers 1-4

The time is coming for the Israelites to leave Mt. Sinai.  Like with any trip – preparations must be made.  This requires some organization:

  • Organized for battle – First, they must be ready to fight the upcoming battles they will face as God leads them into the land.  So God tells them to count those able to fight tribe by tribe.  How has God prepared you for the battles you are facing?  What might God want you to do in order to be better ready to face future battles in your life?
  • Organized for worship – God organizes the camp around the tabernacle where he dwells.  The camp is literally organized around God.  How have you organized your life around God?  How might you better organize your life around God?
  • Organized for service – God assigns the Levites to different tasks in their service to him.  Likewise today, God assigns different tasks to each Christian in his or her service to God.  How has God called and gifted you to serve?  Are you fulfilling the task God has given you?



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