Reflections on Numbes 5-8

Chapters 5-6 conclude the section of laws that started with Leviticus.  Chapters 7-8 flashback to the dedication of the tabernacle that was set up back in Exodus 40.

  • Blessing – Interestingly, the section of laws ends with a blessing.  How has God blessed you?  Kept you?  How has he been gracious to you?  What peace has he given you?  Take some time to give thanks to the Lord for his blessing in your life!
  • Giving – After the tabernacle was set up, each tribe offered gifts to be used for the work of the Lord?  When has God moved you to give a special gift to the work of the Lord?  What work might he be calling you to give to now?  It might be a material gift or the gift of your time.  In what ways might God be calling you to offer your life to the work of the Lord?
  • Cleansing – To serve the Lord, the Levites had to be cleansed with water and sacrifice.  Jesus is our sacrifice that cleanses us.  Baptism is the water that symbolizes our cleansing through Jesus.  Take time to thank God for his cleansing work in your life.

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