Numbers 9-14: Trust and Obey

(9) Israel obeyed God completely in regards to the Passover (v5).  How did Moses respond when a question was raised (v7-8)?  How is this a good example for us?  Can you think of a time when you did this?

(9) At God’s command the people set out, and at God’s command they camped.  What would it look like to so order our lives today?

  • What part would the Spirit play?
  • What part would God’s Word play?
  • Why would trust be essential?

(11) Soon after the people leave Mt Sinai, they begin to complain (v1).  When might we be tempted to complain?  Be specific.  What does our complaining say about our trust in God?

(11) The people grumble again (v4-6).  To whom did Moses turn (v10-15)?  To whom should we turn?  How do trust and prayer go together?  Are there parts of his prayer that show a lack of trust?

(13-14) All of the spies saw the same land, but their focus and recommendation was different.  What was the focus and recommendation of the ten (13:28-29, 31-33)?

What was the focus and recommendation of Caleb and Joshua (14:6-9)?

Why are we often tempted to think (like the ten) that our situation is bigger than our God?  How might we overcome this temptation?

(14) How did the people respond to the spies’ report? What did they want to do (v1-4)?

They failed to trust God, and so they refused to obey Him.  Why is trust essential for obedience?

In what situation do you need to trust and obey God right now?  Take some time to look to the Lord about this situation.


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