Reflections on Numbers 9-11

In our passage today, the people leave Mt Sinai for the Promised Land.  Observe:

  • God’s direction – When the cloud went up, the people would leave.  When the cloud remained, the people stayed.  The people moved according to God’s direction.  How have you seen God guide your life?  Are you seeking to move your life according to God’s direction?  Are you seeking to live by the Book?  Are you sensitive to the Spirit’s leading?
  • Grumbling – The people begin to complain.  They grumbled in Exodus on their way to Mt Sinai; now they are grumbling again as they leave.  This murmuring against God is a continuous theme throughout the rest of Numbers.  Is it a theme in your life?  Are you a grumbler?
  • Consequences – God responds to their grumbling with punishment.  Many die!  God apparently hates grumbling.  Does your attitude towards grumbling match God’s view?  Do you need to confess your sins to the Lord?  When things get tough or don’t go your way, what might you do instead of grumbling?

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