Numbers 15-21: Who Will You Follow?

(15) What were the tassels for (v37-41)?  What might you use for the same purpose?

When are you tempted to follow your own heart and eyes?

(16) What was the nature of Korah’s rebellion – who did they want to follow?  Describe what happened.

How did the people respond to God’s punishment of Korah and company?  What does their response tell us about who they were following?

What did God do?  How does Aaron’s actions point to Jesus?

(17) What did God do to confirm his choice of Moses and Aaron as leaders?  How does following God’s chosen leaders relate to following God?  How might Aaron’s budding staff point to Jesus?

(18) What was the priest’s portion and inheritance (v20)?

David picks up on this idea in Psalm 16:5-6.   David wasn’t a priest, so what did he mean?  What does this tell us about David’s heart?  What does the heart have to do with following?

(20) How did the people fail to follow God in v2-13?  What were they following?  When are we tempted to do the same?

How did Moses fail to follow God?  Describe Moses’ attitude.  What were the consequences of his sin?

How does the rock and water point to Jesus (I Corinthians 10:4, John 4:13-1)?

(21) The people rebelled again in v4-9.  What happened?

What did God do to save them?  How does this point to Jesus who saves us when we fail to follow (John 3:14-16)?


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