Reflections on Numbers 15-18

In our passage today, God continues to provide for Israel, despite their rebellious nature.

  • A reminder – God instructs the people to make tassels to remind them to follow God’s commands.  He provides this reminder as one more way to encourage the people to follow Him.  What has God placed in your life to remind you to follow Him?
  • God’s patience – The people rebel against God’s choice of leadership, yet God doesn’t wipe them out.  He causes Aaron’s staff to sprout to end Israel’s grumbling about who should lead them.  God patiently provided them with proof of his choice of leaders.  How has God been patient with you?
  • Portion – The Levites would not receive an inheritance of land like the other tribes.  Instead God would provide for them by giving them a part of Israel’s offerings to God.  God is their portion and inheritance (18:20).  The psalmists would later take this language to proclaim their satisfaction and fulfillment in God alone (Psalm 16:5, 73:26).  Is God your chosen portion?



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