Reflections on Numbers 19-21

In our passage, we see our failure and God’s salvation.

  • Cleansing – God requires the sacrifice of a red heifer.  The ashes would be mixed with water to provide cleansing to those who became unclean.  Jesus sacrificed himself that he might cleanse us from all our sins.  Praise the Lord for his cleansing work in your life!
  • Fall of a leader – Moses was given a relationship with God that few others on earth could claim.  Knowing God as he did, he should have treated God with proper respect.  But in a moment of weakness, he failed – and was refused entry into the land.  How quickly we can fall!  Watch your life closely!  And cry out to God for grace to stand!
  • Bronze snake – In response to their complaining, God sends fiery serpents into their midst, and many die.  In response to their cries, God tells Moses to make a bronze snake.  When anyone is bitten, they are to look on the bronze snake, and they will live.  Jesus takes this episode as an example to us (John 3:14-16).  As they had to look to the bronze snake to be saved, so we must look to Jesus to be saved.  Faith is essentially looking to God.  Are you looking to God for your salvation?



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