Reflections on Numbers 22-25

God’s people face opposition from the outside.  Observe:

  • God’s Sovereignty – God gives the Amorites and the land of Bashan into Israel’s hands.  King Balak of Moab is afraid, and so he tries to get Balaam to curse Israel for him.  God won’t allow Balaam to do it, but instead requires Balaam to bless Israel.  Throughout, we are reminded that God is sovereign over all the nations.  And he is still in control today in our world!
  • Prophecy – Balaam is required to speak the words God gives him, and as he speaks, he predicts the coming of a king (24:17).  Many years later a star will proclaim the birth of a king – our Savior!
  • Idolatry – The people of Moab living around Israel invited Israel to join with them in their sacrifice and worship of other gods.  Many of the people of Israel joined them.  How does our culture invite us to worship other gods?  Have you had people invite you to join them in following another god or in disobeying the one true God?  How might the example of Israel in this passage help you to stand firm for the one true God?

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