Reflections on Numbers 30-32

God instructs Israel to attack those who had led them into idolatry.

  • Evil advice – Balaam may not have been able to curse Israel, but apparently he came up with the plan to ensnare Israel (31:16).  What evil ideas do you need to beware of lest you are ensnared?
  • God’s preservation – After the huge battle, Israel counts their men – and miraculously not one has been killed.  God will not always work this miracle.  Our times are in his hands.  But in this situation, God miraculously preserved them.  How has God preserved you?  Will you trust him with your life?
  • Offering to God – In response to God’s preservation, they give a special offering to God.  Have you ever offered a special gift to God in response to his special preservation or care in your life?  Do you respond with gratitude for his blessings?

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