Reflections on Numbers 33-36

God continues to teach the people through Moses to prepare them to enter the land.

  • Pagan influences – Israel is to drive out the inhabitants and destroy all of their religious objects, lest they be ensnared by pagan influences.  What pagan influences from our culture have influenced you?  How can you protect yourself from the pagan influences around you?
  • Cities of Refuge – God required Israel to designate cities of refuge for people to run to who accidentally killed another person, lest the dead person’s kin in wrath killed the accidental killer.  Our sins are not accidental, and God’s wrath justly rests on us.  The wages of sin is death.  But Jesus is our city of refuge that we can run to and find safety and deliverance from God’s wrath.  Praise the Lord for your Savior today!
  • Polluted Land – This idea of the land being polluted by sin has come up before (see for instance Leviticus 18:24-28), and here it is again (Numbers 35:33-35).  Consider the sins of our country, and how polluted our land has become.  God’s judgment is surely coming.  Cry out to God for mercy, and a revival that turns the hearts of the people from the idols of our land to the one true God!  May he start with his church!

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