Reflections on Deuteronomy 1-4

Moses reminds the people of their history with the intent that they learn from it and serve God alone.

  • Unfaithfulness – Throughout the discourse, Moses reminds the people of their unfaithfulness and the consequences of their unfaithfulness. He challenges them to learn from their past unfaithfulness and be faithful to God.  What can you learn from Israel’s past unfaithfulness?
  • God is near – Despite their unfaithfulness, God is with them. He is always near, and so they can call upon him in prayer (4:7).  What needs do you have?  Remember that God is with you, and you can talk to him anytime.
  • Guard your soul – Moses challenges them to “keep your soul diligently” (4:9). They must guard their hearts lest they be led astray. Are you keeping your soul diligently?  What dangers do you need to guard against?
  • One God – Moses teaches the people that there is only one God over all the earth; therefore, they should not serve the false gods of the nations around them. In the midst of the religious pluralism of our day, let us remember there is only one true God, and let us serve him alone.

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