Reflections on Deuteronomy 5-8

Our passage today teaches us about God and how we should respond to him.

  • Saving God (5:6-21) – God saved the people of Israel from slavery. In response, they were to obey him.  God has saved us from slavery to sin through Jesus Christ.  In response, God expects us to obey him.  Are you responding properly to your Savior?
  • Great God (5:22-33) – In the fire and thunder of Sinai, the people got a glimpse of God’s greatness. The goal was that the people might fear God with a reverent awe.  Do you have a reverent fear of God?  Do you treat him with reverence and awe?
  • One God (6:4-5) – There is only one God. That being said, we owe him all of our allegiance.  We are to love him with all of our being, with every part of who we are, with all that we have.  In what ways are you loving or failing to love God with your thoughts, words, actions, time, finances, activities, work, rest, family, relationships?
  • Loving God (7:6-15) – God showed his incredible love to the people of Israel by making them his treasured possession, delivering them from Egypt, and blessing them. Note that his love was based not on them, but simply his act of love.  In response, again they are to obey God’s commands.  To what extent have you grasped God’s love for you?  He loves you not because you are lovable, but simply by his choice to love you.  Ponder his amazing love for you.  How will you respond?

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