Deuteronomy 9-17: Our Relationship with God

(9-11) Who is this God with whom we have a relationship?  What do you learn about him from this passage?

What do these attributes suggest about how we should relate to God?

(14) Who are we in relationship to God according to v1-2?

What does this suggest about how we should relate to God?

(10-11, 13) What words are used in these verses to describe how we should relate to God (10:12-13, 11:1, 11:13, 13:4)?

How do these words relate to each other?

What part does the heart play (see also 10:16, 11:18)?  Why is that important to recognize?

(12-13) Israel’s relationship to God was to be exclusive.  No other gods were permitted.  What specific steps was Israel to take to keep from following other gods?

How might we be vigilant today to guard our hearts from idols and remain wholly faithful to our God?

(12, 14) As part of their relationship with God, the people were to bring their sacrifices and tithes before the Lord in order to eat and rejoice before the Lord (12:12, 12:18, 14:26).  When do we gather to rejoice before the Lord?  Why is this so important?

(15-17) An important part of their relationship with God was to be generous to the poor and just in their dealings.  If we love God, we must love people. Give examples of how we might live this out.


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