Reflections on Deuteronomy 12-17

God chose the people of Israel, and he expected them to be committed to him, as well as just toward each other.

  • Treasured Possession – God chose the people of Israel to be his treasured possession. In response they were to be holy before him (14:2).  God has chosen us too, making us a people for his own possession, to walk in holiness before him (I Peter 2:9).  Ponder what it means to be chosen by God, to be his treasured possession.  Are you seeking to walk in holiness before him?
  • No Idolatry – God again reminded the people to be faithful to him. Anything connected to foreign gods was to be destroyed.  Prophet, family member, or friend who suggested following after another god, was to be stoned. God did not want anything or anyone to lead the people of Israel  Have you allowed things into your life that are pulling you away from God?
  • Rejoice before the Lord – It is possible for us to imagine life at the tabernacle to be a grim affair. And certainly the sin offerings were a grim affair.  But many sacrifices – including the tithe, freewill offering, and vow offerings – were times to feast and celebrate and rejoice before the Lord.  Notice the repetition that you should rejoice before the Lord your God (12:12, 18; 14:26).  When do you come before the Lord to rejoice and celebrate?
  • The Poor – God makes clear that he cares about the poor, and so must we. We are to freely give to those in need.  Indeed if we do not, God will hold us guilty of sin.  How are you helping the poor?
  • Justice – God is a just God and he expects justice. Are you treating those around you justly?  The poor?  The weak?  The outcast?  How are you pursuing justice in your relationships?  What might you do to encourage justice in our world?

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