Passion Points

Here are some good posts for your weekend reading:

How To Pray When Your Soul Is Bone Dry – Tim Challies
There are times when your soul feels bone dry, when even opening your mouth to pray seems an impossibility. What do you do?

You Can Change – Tim Chester (Crossway)
Jesus came to remake us in God’s image. Jesus took our brokenness, our hatred, and our curse on himself on the cross. He took the penalty of our sin and in its place gave us a new life and new love.  God is in the business of change. He’s interested in making us like Jesus.

Don’t Waste Your Summer – Kevin DeYoung
What can we do to make the most of June, July, and August? Here are twenty suggestions.

10 Reasons Why the Church Gathers – Casey Lewis (FTC)
As Christians, we should all desire to gather together with one another as often as possible. As motivation, here are ten reasons why gathering regularly with the church is important.

Hope you have a great Lord’s Day with your local church!


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