Reflections on Deuteronomy 23-26

Our passage today concludes the laws that the people of Israel were to obey.

  • Clean Laws – Our passage begins with laws about who may assemble before the Lord and laws about keeping the camp pure. God is in the camp, so the camp must be holy.  God dwells within us, so we must keep ourselves clean within – we are to be holy as God is holy.  Are you striving for holiness?
  • Poor Laws – Many laws show God’s concern for the poor – the sojourner, the widow, the orphan. While the approach may change, God wants us to care for those in need.  How are you reflecting in your life God’s concern for the poor?
  • Universal Laws – Many laws flow straight out of the 10 Commandments and so are binding on us. These include laws prohibiting prostitution (7th), breaking vows to the Lord (9th), kidnapping (8th), and dishonesty in buying and selling (8th).
  • Giving Laws – Finally our passage ends with instructions for Israel to bring their first fruits and tithes to the Lord in gratitude for his provision and to care for the needy. This giving is to be a time of worship and rejoicing.  What is your attitude when you give to the Lord?

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