Deuteronomy 27-34: Two Paths

(27-32) Moses presents two paths to the people of Israel.  One path is the road of disobedience.  Describe the heart of the person who takes this path (29:4, 18-19; 30:17).

What would be the results according to 28:15-68?  Be specific.

 (27-32) The second path is the road of obedience.  Describe the heart of the person who takes this path (28:47, 30:6, 14, 32:46).

How does a person get this kind of heart?

What would be the results according to 28:1-14?  Be specific.  Compare with the results of disobedience.

(29-31) What part does the Word play in in choosing the path of obedience (29:29, 30:11-14, 31:10-13, see Hebrews 2:1)?

How might we apply these principles to our lives today?

(31-32) Moses wrote a song to encourage the people to follow the path of obedience.  What part have songs played in your life to encourage you to follow one of the two paths?

(31) The path of obedience places us on a path of conflict.  Israel was going to follow God into the Promised Land.  What instructions and assurances does God give the people (v1-8, 23)?

How do these instructions and assurances apply to our conflicts today (see also Matthew 28:19-20)?

(27) What happens when we fail to obey (v26)?  How does Jesus address this need in our lives (Galatians 3:10-14)?

(34) The book closes by stating that there has never been another prophet like Moses. But we know another prophet is coming (18:15-19) who will be greater (Hebrews 3:1-5).  In what ways?  How must we respond?


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