Reflections on Deuteronomy 27-30

Our passage today calls for a decision to serve the Lord.

  • Joyful service – Their service was not to be grim and glum. Rather they were to serve the Lord with joy and gladness (28:47).  What is your attitude toward serving the Lord?
  • Choices and Consequences – Moses lays out in very clear terms their choice and the consequences of that choice. They can serve the Lord and be blessed beyond their wildest imaginations, or they can turn away from God and be punished beyond their worst nightmares.  Their choice will have severe consequences.  Our choices too have consequences.  What choices are you making?  What might be the consequences of those choices?
  • Future Judgment/Restoration – Moses predicts Israel’s failure and the terrible results that will come. Tragically, history will prove these predictions true.  Yet God will bring them back to the land when they return to the Lord.  All of this is yet to come in our study of the Old Testament.  God in his perfect knowledge foreshadows the future.

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