Genesis 1-50: Major Themes

(Genesis 1-2) The Bible begins with God creating the world.  What do you learn about God from these two chapters?

How do you think we should respond toward Him?

In what special way did God make people (1:26-27)?

Because of this, we have great value.  How should this affect the way we think about ourselves?  How we treat others?

(Genesis 3) Describe the first temptation in v1-6.  What similarities do you find today?

What are the consequences of their sin (v8-24)?

What hope does God give them in v15?

(Genesis 6-8) Describe humanity’s fallen condition (6:5, 11-13; 8:21)?

What did God do in response to man’s wickedness?  What does this tell you about God’s view of sin?

What is our only hope of escape (6:8)?

(Genesis 12-36) What promises did God make to Abraham in 12:1-3, 7; 13:14-17; 15:1-6, 18-20; 17:4-8?

How do the following verses relate to these promises which we call the Abrahamic Covenant?

  • 21:1-5 –
  • 26:1-5 –
  • 28:10-17 –

How does God begin to fulfill these promises in Exodus through Deuteronomy?

How do these promises relate to you (Galatians 3:7-9, 16, 29)?

How did Abraham respond to God’s promises, and what was the result (15:6)?

How does this pattern relate to us (Romans 4:1-5, 23-25)?

(Genesis 37-50) What examples do you see of God’s sovereignty (reign, control) in the life of Joseph?

Describe the interplay between human actions and God’s sovereignty according to Joseph in 45:5-8 and 50:20.  How does that encourage you?

How is the cross the ultimate example of 50:20 (see Acts 4:24-28)?



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