Cultivating Your Prayer Life

Today we continue our way through Joel Beeke’s little booklet, How Can I Cultivate Private Prayer?  On p5, Beeke writes:

Consider the tremendous potential of prayer.  It is nothing less than communion with the living God.

CultivatePrayerI am trying to keep this mind as I pray this week.  I don’t want to just work through a list of needs (though I do want to do that).  I want to commune with God.  I want to recognize who I am talking to, and enjoy being able to talk to my Creator and Sustainer and Savior and King.  I want to rest in the love of my Father as His beloved child as I come before Him.

Through Jesus, we can draw near to God Himself and commune with Him.  What a great blessing to remember and exercise.  May God help us to commune with God this week!



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