Joshua 1-7: Follow God’s Plan

(1) God is going to use Joshua to bring the people of Israel into the Promised Land, but Joshua must follow God’s plan.  What specific instructions is Joshua given in v8?

How might we apply this to our own lives?

(1) Joshua will face much conflict as he follows God’s plan. What assurances and instructions does God give to him in v5-9?

How might those assurances help you as you face conflict?

In what situations do you need to be strong and courageous?

(2, 6) What has Rahab heard about God and His plan?  Does she believe it?  How does she act on her belief (see Hebrews 11:31 and James 2:25)?  What blessing befalls her (see Matthew 1:5)?

What significance does her story have for us today?

(5) Who appears to Joshua in v13-15?  Whose side is he on?  What lessons can we learn from this?

(3-6) What instructions does God give for crossing the Jordan River?  Is this a typical plan for crossing a river?  What happens?

What instructions does God give AFTER they cross the river (5:1-9)?  Does this seem like good military strategy?

What instructions does God give for taking Jericho?  Do you think this is a typical battle plan?  What happens?

When might obedience to God’s instructions seem a bit unusual or even crazy today?  What is required of us to obey God in those situations?  (What was required of Israel?)

(7) Achan failed to follow God’s instructions.  Why?  What were the results?  Who was affected by his sin?


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