Reflections on Joshua 1-4

After 40 years of wandering, the time has finally come to enter the land.

  • God’s Presence – God promises to be with Joshua. God will never leave him nor forsake him.  And God goes with Joshua, miraculously leading the people through the Jordan River.  Because of God’s presence, Joshua need not be afraid.  Instead he is to be strong and courageous to lead the people in taking the land.  What difficult situations are you facing?  Remember that God is with you.  You need not fear.  Because of God’s presence, you can be strong and courageous too!
  • God’s Word – Joshua is told to meditate on God’s Word day and night that he might be careful to obey God’s Word. To meditate on God’s Word is to ponder or think about his Word.  Do you meditate on God’s Word each day?  How might you meditate on it day and night?  Are you acting on what you ponder?
  • Remember – God commands Joshua to set up a pile of stones from the Jordan River to be a reminder of God’s miraculous act of bringing the people into the land. We are such a forgetful people!  What are some ways you are reminded of God’s work in your life?  Perhaps you need to set up your own stones of remembrance.

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  1. Jo Ann C. Erickson says:

    ….what encouragement this is for me today! Thank you Pastor Mikuel , for your dailey uplifting devotions!

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