Joshua 8-17: Faithfulness

(8-17) What promise did God make to Abraham back in Genesis 12:6-7?  How does God show his faithfulness to keep his promise in chapters 10-12?

In chapters 14-17?

How has God shown himself to be faithful to keep his promises in your life? (Consider for example: Romans 10:13, I John 1:9, Psalm 9:9-10, 23:4, 34:18, 55:22)

(8) After conquering Ai, the people gather on Mt Ebal and Mt Gerizim as Moses had commanded in Deuteronomy 27.  How does this location specifically point to God’s faithfulness (using the map, compare with Genesis 12:6-7 and 33:18-20)?

(8, 10-11) What promise does God give in each of these chapters (8:1-2, 10:8, 11:6)?  In light of that promise, what do they not need to do?

When are we tempted to be afraid?  How can God’s faithfulness to keep his promises give us courage?

(9) How did Israel prove to be unfaithful in this chapter (see especially v14)?  When are we tempted to act like this?

What did Joshua do after he discovered the deception?  Why?  What application do you see for your own life?

(13-17) In what way did Israel prove to be unfaithful in these chapters (see 13:13, 16:10, 17:12-13)?

Compare their unfaithfulness to Caleb’s faithfulness.  What did he do in his old age (15:13-17)?

What phrase is used three times to describe Caleb (14:6-15)?  What did that look like in Caleb’s life?

What would that look like in our lives today?


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