Cultivating Your Prayer Life

CultivatePrayerIn How Can I Cultivate Private Prayer, Joel Beeke challenges us to take hold of ourselves in seven ways to cultivate private prayer. His first point for this week is to remember the value of prayer.  He lists five values to prayer (which I will let you read), before focusing on two: the value of finding God in prayer and the value of God answering prayer.

First, no matter what way God may choose to answer our prayers, there is great value in finding God.  Beeke writes:

God is always greater and more valuable than His answers.  The greatest mercy is to find God, not His mercies.

Our time in prayer draws us closer to the Lord as we seek him, cry out to him, and wait upon him.  What a wonderful opportunity we have to find God and commune with him!  What activity could be more valuable?

Second, what a wonderful thing it is to see how God answers prayers.  We have a powerful God who can do all things, and he chooses to work through our prayers.  Think of ways that God has answered prayer in your life, in your family, and in your church.  His answers to our cries make prayer of huge value as He is able to do what only He can do.

We must remember the value of prayer if we would commit to grow in prayer.  We must believe that it is valuable – of highest importance – if we would give greater time and energy toward it.

So let us remember the value of prayer.  And let us cultivate our private prayer accordingly.


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