Reflections on Joshua 13-17

With much of the land conquered, Joshua begins to divide up the land between the tribes of Israel.

  • Wholly follow – The first to receive land west of the Jordan is Caleb. Caleb testifies that forty years earlier, when the other ten spies brought a bad report, that he had wholly followed the Lord 14:8).  Moses had promised him an inheritance because he wholly followed the Lord (14:9).  Now God had brought them into the land and Caleb received his inheritance because he had wholly followed the Lord (14:14).  Can you testify that you wholly follow the Lord?  Could others say that you wholly follow the Lord?  The issue is not perfection, but attitude and general pattern of life.  In what ways do you need to change so that the phrase – “wholly followed the Lord” – might be true of you?
  • Pagan influence – Though most of the book celebrates Israel’s faithfulness to God, the two tribes of Joseph both fail to drive out the Canaanites from their land (16:10, 17:13). This failure sets the stage for Israel to reject God and practice idolatry in the book of Judges.  How careful are you to guard against pagan influences in your life?  What cultural practices are you tempted to follow before God?



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