Passion Points

Here are some good posts for your weekend reading:

Remember, He Loves You– Joseph Tenney (DG)
Those of us whose lips are parched from sucking on the sands of idolatry, whose souls are shriveled from being hidden under the shadows of lesser loves, whose hearts long to drink full from his cup and be flooded with an inextinguishable light, we need only turn to Jesus. In Jesus, we experience the love that the Father has for us.

Four Questions for Obeying the First Commandment – Kevin DeYoung
What should we do in prayer? Try adoration, trust, invocation, and thanksgiving. What should we find in our corporate worship services? Plan for adoration, trust, invocation, and thanksgiving. What can we talk about with our friends in the car, our family at the dinner table, or our kids at bedtime? How about adoration, trust, invocation, and thanksgiving.

The Biggest Temple in Town – David Mathis (DG)
Sports and athletic competitions are good gifts from God, but we dare not go all-in without our eyes wide open. Not in this culture. Sport is one of the most alluring, and subtle, competitors for our heart’s deepest allegiance.

Why Sunday Should Be a Day of Rest – Nicholas Davis
Do we view Sunday as our own time, or is it God’s time? By attending church on Sunday, we show that we really belong to Christ. The question Christians ask should never be who am I? Instead, it should be whose am I? Since we belong to God, our time—and even a portion of the day—is not our own but instead belongs to another (God) and to others (our neighbors).

Hope you have a great Lord’s Day resting and worshiping our great God with your local church!


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