Joshua 18-24: Faithfulness

(21) How did God show his faithfulness to the people of Israel (21:43-45)?

How do these verses encourage you today?

(21-23) What did God grant Israel according to these verses: 21:44, 22:4, 23:1?

Where do we find rest today (Matthew 11:28-30)?  What does this rest look like?  In what current circumstances do you need to find this rest?

(23) The faithfulness of God is not always good news for people.  What promises will God be faithful to keep to Israel in v15-16?

What “negative” promises has God made today (John 3:18, 36, Revelation 21:8)?  How should we respond?

(22-24) In response to God’s faithfulness, God calls his people to be faithful to him.  List the expectations in 22:5 and 23:6-8.

How might we practically apply these instructions to our lives today?

What part does the heart play in keeping these instructions (22:5, 24:23)?

What might we do to incline our hearts to God (Ezekiel 36:26-27, Psalm 19:8, Hebrews 3:12-13, 10:24-25)?

(24) Joshua again reminds Israel of God’s faithfulness in v1-13.  In v14-15, Israel was to respond by serving God fearfully, sincerely, faithfully, and exclusively.  Why are each of these four descriptive words important in serving God?

What would it look like for “you and your house” to serve the Lord?


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