Reflections on Joshua 18-21

After some apparent procrastination on the parts of the remaining tribes, Joshua finishes dividing up the land.

  • Procrastination – The remaining tribes were apparently dragging their feet when it came to scouting out the land that they might receive their inheritance. Joshua confronts them and gets them moving.  Has God called you to do something?  Maybe he has challenged you to respond to his Word in some way, but you are dragging your feet.  Don’t wait any longer!  Get busy doing what God has called you to do!
  • God’s faithfulness – Our passage yesterday and today has been focused on the dividing up of the land. Now at the end of our passage today, we read in summary that God gave Israel the land he had promised to their fathers.  Over 400 years earlier God had promised to give Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob the land of Canaan, and now in God’s perfect time, he had fulfilled his promise.  God keeps his promises.  He is always faithful.  How have you seen God’s faithfulness in your life?  Will you trust him to be faithful in the future – no matter what you face?

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