Cultivating Your Prayer Life

In How Can I Cultivate Private Prayer, Joel Beeke’s second way to take hold of yourself is to maintain the priority of prayer.  He notes Jesus’ commitment to prayer, and then asks:

If the incarnate Son of God needed to pray often to His heavenly Father, then how much more do we need to make prayer a priority in our lives?

So then how much of a priority is prayer in my life?  Do I make time for it?  Even when I’m busy?  Is it the first thing to go in a crunch, or the last?

Do I prioritize time daily for prayer?  Do I prioritize praying together with my church?  For my church?  For my family?  For myself?

CultivatePrayerWhat is it that distracts me from prayer?  What is it that keeps me from prayer?  Are there distractions in my life I need to seriously address to maintain (or even begin to have) the priority of prayer?  Does media eat up too much of my time and crowd out prayer?  What have I prioritized, even without thinking, above communing with God?

I need to rethink my priorities this week, and then make application to my life.  What about you?


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