Reflections on Joshua 22-24

As the eastern tribes return to their land, and again as Joshua nears death, Joshua charges the people to follow the Lord alone:

  • Follow the Lord – Joshua uses many words to help Israel and us to understand what it means to follow the Lord. First, we are to obey his commandments (22:5).  We must walk in his way. We are to do everything God’s Word says to do.  Second, we are to love him (22:5, 23:11).  He must be our first love above all else.  Third, we are to cling to him (22:5, 23:8).  We must stay near to him and let nothing come between us.  Fourth, we are to serve God with all of our heart and soul (22:5).  We must be faithful and sincere in our service (24:14).  We owe him our entire allegiance.  Finally, we are to fear the Lord (24:14).  We must have a reverent awe of God, treating him with proper reverence and respect.  Review these words.  Does your life look like this?
  • No other gods – Israel must choose between God and the gods of the nations. We too must choose who we will serve.  While we claim to serve God, it is possible that idols have propped themselves up in our lives.  What are you living for?  What is first in your life?  What is your life centered around?  Is it God?  Someone else?  The American dream?  Popularity?  Power?  Pleasure?  Are there idols you need to topple?  Choose this day who you will serve.

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  1. Mike says:

    I’m noticing that choosing today does not cover tomorrow. Taking it a step further, choosing this morning does not cover this afternoon.

    And above all for me, is keeping my passion for God hot. When I let that slip, other passions line up for their chance to strike.

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