Judges 1-5: Unfaithfulness

(1-2) Though Israel started well, they quickly became unfaithful to God.  What phrase is repeated in 1:27-33 that shows their first step of unfaithfulness?

What second step of unfaithfulness do you see in 2:11-13?

How is the second step related to the first?  What can we learn from this?

In what ways can the people around us lead us astray today?  What steps can we take to minimize our culture’s pagan influence in our lives and families?

(2) What tragedy do we find in v10 that further leads to Israel’s unfaithfulness?

What application is there in this verse for parents?  The church?  Youth?

(2-4) Judges 2:11-19 describe a continuous four-part cycle found throughout the book of Judges.  Describe each part of the cycle.

Summarize how this cycle plays out in the following passages:

3:7-11 –

3:12-30 –

4:1-24 –

(4-5) Despite their unfaithfulness, God did not desert them, but continued to deliver them from their enemies.  What assurance did Deborah give Barak (4:14)?  How does this assurance encourage you today?

How did Deborah and Barak respond after God delivered them (chapter 5)?  Are we quick to do the same?


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