Reflections on Judges 1-2

Judges begins promisingly as Judah continues the conquest of the land.  But Israel’s failure to take the land and serve the Lord soon follows.

  • Incomplete obedience – Israel took much of the land, but failed to take all of it. Even when they grew stronger than their enemies, Israel allowed the Canaanites to continue in the land.  Israel started well, but they didn’t finish what they started.  What has God called you to do?  Are you working to finish the task?  Are you seeking to fully obey God’s Word, or are you cutting corners along the way?
  • Next generation – What a great tragedy is found in 2:10! Joshua’s generation failed to teach their children the way of the Lord.  In the span of one generation, Israel goes from following the Lord to abandoning the Lord.  What are you doing to teach the next generation about God?  How are you supporting your church is this process?
  • Need for leadership – Before Moses died at the end of Deuteronomy, he passed the leadership of the people on to Joshua. When Joshua dies, no one takes his place.  There is a great vacuum of godly leadership.  What is your church doing to pass on the torch of leadership to the next generation?  How can you help?

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