Judges 6-10: Learning from Gideon

(6) How does Gideon respond to God’s call for him to save Israel v15)?  When have you felt this way?

What assurance does God give Gideon (v16)?  Why does this assurance make all the difference?

(6) God tells Gideon to tear down the altar to Baal.  When does he do it, and what does that tell you about Gideon?

Can you identify with Gideon?  When are we tempted to hide our good deeds or our relationship with God?

(6) Gideon calls an army together, and then seeks another sign.  What does this tell you about his faith?

Should we lay out fleeces before the Lord?

(7) How does God whittle Gideon’s army down to 300 men?  Why?

When are we tempted to boast in ourselves instead of God?

(7) Gideon’s army surrounds the enemy, but again Gideon is afraid.  What does God do to give him courage?

How can we find courage from God to overcome our fears?

(7-8) How does God defeat the Midianites?  When have you seen God bring victory using your weaknesses?

(8) The people want to make Gideon a king.  How does he respond?  Why are we prone to look to men instead of God?

What does Gideon ask for and receive? Why is this a problem?

Later Gideon names one of his sons Abimelech which means “my father is king.”  What does this suggest?  Why are we so tempted to rule over others?

In summary, what major lessons can we learn from Gideon’s life?


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