Reflections on Judges 6-8

Again, Israel is oppressed because of their sin.  When they cry out to God, God raises up a man named Gideon.  Note:

  • God’s presence – When God calls Gideon, Gideon responds that he is a nobody – how can he save Israel? God responds – “But I will be with you.”  Gideon is indeed a nobody, but with God he can do all that God calls him to do.  We too are nobodies on our own, but with God we can do all that he calls us to do.  What is God calling you to do?
  • Fear – God tells Gideon to break down the altar to Baal. Gideon obeys, but he does it at night because he is afraid.  Do you hide your relationship with Christ because you are afraid of what others will think?  Are you willing to take a stand for Christ for all to see?  God is with you.  When God calls you to take a stand for him, be strong and courageous like Joshua – not fearful like Gideon.
  • Trusting God – Gideon calls an army together to fight the Midianites. An army of 32,000 shows up.  God whittles it down to 300 men.  Why?  Lest Israel trust in themselves rather than God to bring about deliverance.  And with 300 men the Midianite army is routed, and Israel is saved.  Are you trusting in yourself to get you through your problems or are you trusting in God to help you?  Either way, you may have work to do, but who are you trusting in to bring success?



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