Judges 11-16: Learning From Samson

(13) A whole chapter is given to Samson’s parents. What details are given, and what do those details tell us about their relationship with God?  Be specific.

In what ways should we follow their example?

What does Manoah want to know about their child (v8)?  How is this a good example for us?  Where would we find the answers?

(14) Describe Samson’s attitude in v1-3.  How does this compare to our culture’s attitude?  Be specific.

What does v4 teach us about human choices and God’s sovereignty?  How might this encourage you as you look around the world today?

(14-16) Many details of Samson’s life are given in these chapters.  From those details, what character flaws do you see in Samson?

How do these character flaws lead Samson into trouble?

In what ways do you see these same character flaws in our culture today?

(14-16) From the details given about Samson, what good character traits do you find in him?

In what ways should we follow his example?

(13-16) What part does the Spirit play in Samson’s life (13:25, 14:6, 14:19, 15:14)?

Despite Samson’s many imperfections, God still used him.  How does that encourage you?

At the same time, Samson’s end is tragic.  What warning do you find here for your life?


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