Reflections on Judges 11-12

Our passage today focuses on Jephthah. Consider:

  • Lack of peace –Jephthah delivers Israel from the Ammonites, but then we see him leading some of God’s people to fight against another tribe of God’s people. As a result, 42,000 people die.  How sad when God’s people fight among themselves.  Are you fighting with another of God’s people?  Is there strife, conflict, bitterness, anger between you and another?  What will you do to seek peace?
  • Rash words – Before Jephthah goes to fight the battle, he utters rash foolish words that cost him the life of his only child. Our words may not usually have such dire consequences, but we too speak words without thinking that hurt others.  When have you spoken such rash words?  How might you be more careful to guard your tongue?

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