Judges 17-21: Right In Our Own Eyes

(17) In one sentence, summarize the story of Micah and his mom.

Which of the Ten Commandments did they break and how?

How is their story a good example of “do-it-yourself” religion?

Give some examples of “do-it-yourself” religion in our world today.

(18) How does Micah’s idolatry spread to a whole tribe?

Again, which of the Ten Commandments did the Levite and the tribe of Dan break and how?

(19-21) Chapter 19 relates horrible events that first mirrors the story of Sodom, and then gets even worse – all of it now taking place in Israel!  How does Israel respond in chapter 20?

What small glimmer of godliness is found in chapter 20?

What problem does Israel now have in chapter 21?  Did they seek the Lord’s direction to address the problem?  What did they do?

(17-21) What editorial comment does the writer make four times in this passage (17:17:6, 18:1, 19:1, 21:25)?

Why is that significant?  How does it relate to Israel’s wickedness in these chapters?

What application is there for us today?

(17-21) What editorial comment does the writer use as a bookmark for these chapters (17:6, 21:25)?  Why is this a good summary of these chapters?

In what ways do you see this in our country and world today?

When are we tempted to live this way?  Why?


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