Reflections on Judges 17-18

Today’s passage focuses on the way Israel twisted their worship to fit their own ideas.

  • Idolatry – Micah’s mom ironically dedicates some money to the Lord to make a carved image which the Lord had clearly forbidden in the second commandment. Micah then sets it up in a shrine, making one of his sons a priest.  Later Micah makes a Levite his priest, concluding that now the Lord will prosper him.  Micah apparently thinks that he is worshipping God acceptably, but he is not worshipping as God has commanded.  Are you worshipping God in the way God commands or have you made up your own way of approaching God?
  • Idolatry Spreads – What begins with Micah spreads to the entire tribe of Dan. Our personal actions have consequences beyond us.  Our sin spreads to others.  How have other people’s sin tempted you to stray?  What sins in your life do you need to address before you lead someone else astray?

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