Reflections on Judges 19-21

Our passage today reveals the depths of depravity to which Israel had sunk, and serves as a fitting reminder of the sinfulness of man.

  • Depravity – This entire passage reveals the depths to which Israel has fallen. Assault, rape, murder – this is not a cheerful story.  The story of the Levite in Gibeah has obvious parallels with the story of Lot in Sodom.  It is a sad reminder of the depravity of man.  Man is sinful, and in great need of a Savior!
  • Moral relativism – The book closes with the phrase: “everyone did what was right in their own eyes.” They did what they wanted to do, rather than what God wanted them to do.  We see this early in the book, escalating as the book continues, and reaching its climax with Gibeah’s atrocities.  In what ways do you see this same approach in our society today?  Do you see this approach in your life?



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