Ruth 1-4: The Story of Ruth

(1-2) What evidence do you see of Ruth’s full commitment to the God of Israel (1:16-17)?

What does she leave behind?  What has she gained (2:12b)?

How does her example challenge you?

(1-4) Kindness is a recurring theme throughout the book.  How does Ruth show kindness to Naomi?  To Boaz?

How does Boaz show kindness to Ruth and Naomi?

How does Naomi show kindness to Ruth?

How might we apply their example to our own lives?  Be specific.

(1-4) Kindness in 2:20 could refer to Boaz’s kindness or to God’s kindness.  How does God show his kindness toward Ruth and Naomi?

In what similar ways, has he shown his kindness toward you?

(2-4) Another recurring theme is redemption.  In what way is Boaz a redeemer for Ruth?  How does she ask?  What does he do?

How does Boaz’s redemption of Ruth point to Jesus?

How does their son point to Jesus (4:14-16)?

(1-4) What evidence of God’s sovereignty do you see in the details of this story?  In this story’s place in God’s plan of redemption?

(1-4) The book begins with loss as Naomi comes back bitter and empty.  By the end of the book there is new life, and Naomi has found blessing and joy.  How is that an encouragement to you?


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