Reflections on Ruth 1-2

After the depravity and apostasy of Judges, Ruth is a breath of fresh air and a reminder of how to live in dark times.  Observe:

  • Loyalty – Ruth demonstrates an incredible loyalty to Naomi. Ruth leaves everything she knows in order to stay with her mother-in-law.  She goes out to glean to help provide for not only herself but also Naomi.  How loyal are you to your family?  To your friends?  To your church family?  Do you stick with them?  Are you there to help in difficult times?
  • Care for the poor – Ruth gives us an example of one who needed the provision for the poor that God had set up in the Law. She goes to glean the leftovers from the field.  Boaz, who owns the field, shares God’s heart for the poor by encouraging her and helping her.  Do you have God’s heart for the poor?  How can you encourage and help those in need?
  • Godliness – After the depravity and apostasy of Judges, the book of Ruth gives us a simple reminder that some people still followed the Lord during this otherwise dark time. Boaz is a wonderful example of a godly man, and Ruth of a godly woman.  Yet references to the danger of other men assaulting Ruth makes clear that not all of Bethlehem is like them.  Boaz and Ruth live for God among many who do not.  In our world, where many do not follow God, will you follow the example of Boaz and Ruth?

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